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    FlexCraft Simulator in the Flight Robotics Lab at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center - Eliyahu Davis from University of Miami at Marshall Space Flight Center Summer of 2014
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    The Dust at Altitude Recovery Technology (DART) flight over KSC led By Dr. Andrew Schuerger from the University of Florida - the DART System is a Scientific Sampling Package Encased within an Aerodynamic Shell that Collects Microscopic Dust Particles
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    Students from Gainesville, Florida Participating in a Space-Related Education Program Building their Payload to Launch on a Weather Balloon
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    The 2014 SLSL Interns Beneath Space Shuttle Atlantis
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    Joseph Park from the University of Florida at Goddard Space Flight Center Showing Middle School and High School Students what it is like to use Computer Programming to Implement Iterative Mathematics
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    Team MicroCanes from the University of Miami - Mark Agate, Stephen Markus, Felipe Gheiman, Benton Patterson, Nicolas Augustus Rongione
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    The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) at the 2014 NASA Robotic Mining Competition - Second Place for the On-Site Mining Award and Third Place for the Caterpillar Autonomy Award
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NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium

Promoting Statewide Aerospace Economic and Academic Development

The NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC) was formed in 1989, when NASA implemented the national Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. It is a voluntary association of seventeen public and private Florida Universities and colleges led by the University of Central Florida. The Consortium also includes all of Florida’s community colleges, as well as the Astronaut Memorial Foundation, Space Florida, Kennedy Space Center, and Orlando Science Center. FSGC supports the expansion and diversification of Florida’s space industry, through providing grants, scholarships, and fellowships to students and educators from Florida’s public and private institutes of higher education.

FSGC is administered by the University of Central Florida through the Florida Space Institute.

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