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Dr. Jaydeep Mukherjee


Dr. Mukherjee is the Director of the Florida Space Grant Consortium, University of Central Florida.

As the Director of FSGC, Dr. Mukherjee works with his colleagues in Florida universities and space organizations to develop new, exciting opportunities for the recipients of the FSGC grants, fellowships, and scholarships.

Dr. Sudeep Sarkar

Associate Director for Research

Dr. Sudeep Sarkar is the Associate Director for Research of the Florida Space Grant Consortium for 2013-14. He is also the FSGC representative from the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Ms. Sreela Mallick

Assistant Director

Ms. Mallick is the Assistant Director for FSGC and the Assistant Director for Research Services at the Florida Space Institute.

As the Assistant Director, Ms. Mallick is in charge of the day to day operations, including financial and contractual matters, of FSGC. She represents the Consortium when the Director is not available. She is responsible for all external relation activities.

Mrs. Lori DeSouza

Student Programs Assistant

Phone: 407-823-6324
Fax: 407-823-6359

Mr. Gene Tavares

Senior Training Specialist

Phone: 407-823-6173
Fax: 407-823-6359


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