NASA Opportunities

NASA is deploying a single, Agency system for the recruitement, application, selection and career development of undergraduate and graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematic disciplines. Students access information about internship and fellowship opportunities across NASA to engage in research, aerospace education and space exploration. A student completes a single internship and/or fellowship application to express interest in up to 15 specific opportunities for each summer, fall, spring or year-long session.

The Student On-Line Application for Recruiting Interns, Fellows, and Scholars (SOLAR)

NASA Opportunities

NASA History Program Office Spring and Summer 2013 Internships

The NASA History Program Office is seeking undergraduate and graduate students for spring and summer 2013 internships. The History Program Office maintains archival materials to answer research questions from NASA personnel, journalists, scholars, students … [Read more]

International FameLab – Exploring Earth and Beyond

PASSIONATE ABOUT SCIENCE? LOVE TO COMMUNICATE? New frontiers await scientists in every field of research, whether on land, under the sea, or in space. From our origins as humans to the origins of our Solar System, from species’ interactions in … [Read more]

NASA Space Technology Fellowships – Fall 2013

NASA is seeking applications from graduate students for the agency's Space Technology Research Fellowships. Applications will be accepted from students pursuing or planning to pursue master's or doctoral degrees in relevant space technology disciplines … [Read more]

Research Opportunities in Space Biology

This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) solicits hypothesis-driven research proposals for 1) Ground-Based Research Designed to Lead to Space Flight, 2) Rapid Turn-Around Space Flight Experiments 3) ISS Flight Experiments and 4) New Space Biology Investigations. … [Read more]

New NASA Engineering Contest: Lunar Space Station Thermal Control

The Game Changing Technology Development Program, Office of the Chief Technologist, NASA Headquarters, is sponsoring a university engineering contest. The challenge is to design a thermal control system for a manned space station in low lunar orbit. Multi-disciplinary … [Read more]

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