Astronaut Memorial Foundation Teacher Workshops

FSGC in collaboration with the Astronaut Memorial Foundation conducts a number of technology workshops for teachers in Florida.


Digital Space Workshops for teachers in South Florida: 

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation (AMF)  provided professional development training for 20 teachers in the Miami Dade County area in June of 2011. This include filming, editing, preparing and distributing film clips of participants conducting various science experiments as led by NASA Education. These film clips was  used as a basis for a completed video project developed by each teacher. AMF  provided direct training in an introductory session held at the Kennedy Space Center. This  also include providing a prominent guest speaker; Astronaut Bob Springer. The major training components took place at the Florida International University and was completed in a 2-day training session. AMF developed and taught the curriculum and provided a comprehensive manual to each participant. Participants designed, created, edited and completed a digital video project using video obtained during this program.  Collaborative learning, hands-on activities, and lecture were  combined to provide participants a well-rounded project based program.

The videos created by the teachers can be viewed at the FSGC Youtube page




Education Scholarship Program (ESP)

The Education Scholarship Program (ESP)was conducted by the Astronauts Memorial Foundation (AMF). AMF created the curriculum and provided professional development training for Florida Educators. A total of 83 educators from 17 Florida counties took part in these workshops. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects are difficult for some students to understand and enjoy, but are needed for a well-rounded education which would benefit future generations of space explorers. AMF has been specializing in the “Technology” portion of STEM since 1994 offering exceptional technology programs for K-12 educators. On a national stage, a concerted effort in the past five-years has been placed on offering Science, Engineering, and Math related training. However, focus on the Technology component has been overlooked because it is assumed teachers and students keep up with technology. The ESP program will help educators with digital technology using the space program to provide the excitement and inspiration – a truly winning combination.

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