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Current Active Programs

Florida Space Research Program (FSRP)

Details on the 2015 Florida Space Research Program will be released late February 2015


2014 Florida Space Research Program

The Florida Space Research Program (FSRP), formerly called Florida Space Research & Education Grant Program (FSREGP), is jointly funded by the Florida Space Grant Consortium, and Space Florida. Its purpose is to support the expansion and diversification of Florida’s space industry by increasing statewide academic involvement in space research, engineering, education, and training programs that are consistent with the state’s space industry priorities. This matching grant program combines state, federal, and other funds for competitive award to projects sponsored within, or conducted in partnership with, the state’s public and private academic institutions. Teaming with industry, nonprofit institutions, and federal agencies is strongly encouraged. K-12 collaboration is also encouraged on appropriate projects.

The eligibility for these grants are as follows:

Grants are intended for faculty researchers from FSGC affiliated universities
and colleges. Proposals from non-affiliated Florida universities, colleges,
community colleges, and industry will be viewed more favorably if the project
involves collaborations with FSGC affiliates. Other non-academic
organizations are also eligible to receive grant awards, especially if their
proposed projects include involvement with FSGC affiliates.
Preference will be given to rpopsoals that are aligned with NASA’s piorities

Notice of Intent by March 28, 2014

Deadline: Proposals due by May 16, 2014

Notification of Award – July 30, 2014 (subject to receipt of  funding from NASA for 2014 program cycle)

1 ANNOUNCEMENT OF OPPORTUNITY Learn about the program, its eligibility requirements, how to apply and reporting requirements.
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2 RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES Find the best matching research opportunity at various NASA centers
3 ONLINE APPLICATION Read detailed instructions to register and successfully complete your online application.
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