NASA Academy


The 2013 NASA Academy (for the Summer of 2013) is open and online and available at

For the upcoming year the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium will support up to 3 students (depending on availability of funds)for the NASA Academy.

If you intend to apply, here is a timeline of the relevant dates:

  • Application Deadline: January 22, 2013
  • Application Review: January 25 – February 4, 2013.
  • Offers to successful candidates: February-March 2013.
  • Start date of summer internship: June (actual date varies by program)

The NASA Academies are intensive educational programs emphasizing group activities, teamwork, research, and creativity. The curriculum balances direct contact with science and engineering R&D with an awareness of the managerial, political, financial, social and human issues faced by aerospace professionals. Included are seminars, informal discussions, evening lectures, supervised research, visits to other NASA Centers and facilities, group project/s, tours, posters/presentations, and assessment. Additionally, most weekends are filled with group activities, team building and off-site trips. One free weekend is scheduled.

The Academy is not a 9-5 summer research internship program. It is a rigorous, immersive experience that will challenge you. The academy is a space-themed program of high learning about NASA, its projects and collaborations with aerospace industry and academia, with very little down time, but a busy, exciting summer that you will not forget.

The Academies have separate focus areas of leadership (NASA Academy), robotics, space and planetary science, and propulsion.

You may access it at

2013 Florida Interns in the NASA Academy Program

Student University NASA Center
Nicolas Rongione University of Miami Marshall
Murphy Wonsick FIT Marshall
Mark Agate Miami Langley


2012 Florida Interns at NASA centers

Student University NASA Center
Jimmy Lin UF Goddard (Fall semester)
Manuel Alejandro FIU JSC
Jason Entenmann USF Marshall Robotics
Tyler Maddox UCF Marshall Propulsion
Benjamin Goldsberry FSU Ames
Michael Lodge UCF Goddard
John Ford ERAU Marshall
Anthony CottoOlivia Piazza

Luis RodriguezUCFMiami

MiamiGoddard (fall semester)Marshall


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