Nicholas Rongione


As a participant in the FSGC Hybrid Motor Rocket Competition my freshman year in 2011-2012, I gained invaluable insight into project management and rocketry. Most importantly, the experience inspired me to delve deeper into aerospace engineering, and served as a springboard into additional projects over the following years as an undergraduate. By sophomore year, I became the President of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the FSGC Student Ambassador at the University of Miami. With support from FSGC, I then completed the NASA Propulsion Academy in the summer of 2013. My junior year I furthered my efforts and began a two year endeavor developing a satellite program at UM that culminated in 2nd place in the FSGC sponsored Florida University Satellite Design Competition (FUNSAT 2014) and, ultimately, my senior design project. During this time I also participated in the NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. Finally, FSGC provided additional support in my efforts to create a balloon satellite program, and a satellite ground station, and even help address concerns regarding rocket testing facilities. Now as a graduate student, I am supported by FSGC in a grant to work at NASA Kennedy Space Center on antimicrobial materials development employed in the Advanced Nano Systems Laboratory. With the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, I will be focusing on developing aerospace applications of nanotechnology, and in particular, thermoelectric materials development. I am forever in gratitude to FSGC and the tremendous support the consortium provides. Through FSGC, I was found I was not only able to empower myself, but those around me to take advantage of the resources available. Thank you.

– Nicolas Augustus Rongione, University of Miami

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