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Masten Space Systems Postgraduate Fellowships

This opening is for someone looking to break into the field of commercial space. We value hard work, hands-on experience, gumption, and relentless perseverance. We’ll weight heavily in favor of people with hands-on experience in at least one of the following areas:

We’re looking for people who can apply their trade in multiple of the following disciplines:

For more information and application instructions please go to

The NASA-APL Internship Program is now accepting applications

The 2012 NASA / Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) application is online and available at

Since 2004, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has offered summer projects to students interested in working on NASA missions or space-related research opportunities at APL. Students participating in the NASA/APL Internship Program will work at APL, and will make critical contributions to current and future missions or grants during their assignments in the Space Department. The Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) is a not-for-profit center for engineering, research and development. APL is a division of one of the world’s premier research universities, Johns Hopkins. The 399-acre campus, 20 miles north of Washington, DC, is home to 4,100 men and women who work on more than 400 programs that protect our homeland and advance the nation’s vision in research and space science. or


Below are relevant deadlines.

*             December 10, 2012 – Application Launched

*             January 28, 2012 – Application Deadline

*             End of February – Selections Complete


Students participating in the NASA/APL Internship Program must:

*             have a demonstrated interest in the space program

*             be a sophomore, junior, senior, or first or second year graduate student in Fall 2012

*             be in high academic standing (GPA of 3.0 or greater)

*             be a U.S. citizen


Summer Internships at the Center for Exploration in Space Science and Technology at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Summer Internships at the Center for Exploration in Space Science and Technology at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The CRESST partnership is planning to select between six and fifteen students, on a competitive basis, to participate in summer internships on-site at GSFC for the summer of 2013. These are nominally 10-week paid internships ($5,000 for undergrads and $6,000 for graduate-level students), primarily but not exclusively for undergraduate level college students. It is expected all students would be attending U.S. universities. Students need not be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

For details on the application process please see

The deadline is February 1, 2013

USRA Point of Contact:
Dr. Michael Corcoran, USRA CRESST director

2012 Fellows


2012 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 1 of 3)
Name University Project Title
Zoe Landsman University of Central Florida

Three-year spectroscopic study of asteroids in the Polana and Erigone families

2012 Masters Fellowships (Year 1 of 2)
Name University Project Title
Brannon Seay Florida State University Lightning Safety
Nathan Silvernail Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

On-orbit propellant storage and transfer system

2012 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 2 of 3)
Name University Project Title
Dolores Jane Forbes Florida Atlantic University Harmful Algal Bloom Probabilities in South Florida – A Spatial Systems Approach
Krista Romita University of Florida Investigate the distribution and properties of embedded clusters in the Carina Arm of the Milky Way and in the Large Magellanic Cloud
2012 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 3 of 3)
Name University Project Title
Bao-Chan Do Miami Virtual testing of ultra-high  temperature ceramic composite materials
Norton Brice Orange FIT Identification and Analysis of Dynamic Transients in Sun’s Transition Region Atmosphere

FSRP 2012

Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PI University Project Title
Dr. Norman Fitzcoy UF Development of a Visual Inspection System for Post-impact Characterization of DebriSat
Dr. John Kuhn USF Hydrogen Purification from Bio-Mass-derived syngas
Dr. Michelle Manuel UF Crack closure and intrinsic toughening mechanism for shape memory alloy embedded composites
Dr. Louis Chow UCF Effect of Vibration of Cryogens Boil-off During Launch Transfer and Transport
Dr. Kunal Mitra FIT Understanding Bone Loss in Microgravity through Nanoscale finite element analysis of load bearing structures in bones
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PI University Project Title
Dr. Gloria Weins UF Integration of SIMPLE Boom Technology with Deployable Systems for Small Satellites
Dr. Andrew Scguerger UF DART:Dust Atltitdue Recovery Technology –High Altitude Dust Sampling for the Detection of Microorganisms in Earth Atmosphere
Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul UF Crew-Assisted & Crew-Autonomous Biological Imaging in Parabolic Suborbital Vechicles
Dr. Eric Todd Bradley UCF Feasibility study of the low earth orbit duest environment using a formation of cubesats equipped with dust dectectors
Dr. Rodney Roberts FSU Improving on-orbit teleoperation by Reducing Mental Workload
Dr. Jonathan Engle FAU Loop Quantum Gravity dynamics from the CMB Missions
Dr. Liyuan Ma UCF High throughout detection of readiation induced DNA damage at simulated
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PI University Project Title
Dr. Joann Wilson FGCU GEMS  Explores the Wonders of Space
Michelle Personette FSU Teach the Teacher, Stimulate the Student
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