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2017-18 NASA FSGC Competitive Opportunities for Florida university students and faculty

The NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce its 2017-18 student and faculty competitive programs.

  1. FSGC Masters Fellowship Program

$10000 stipend for 1 year to Masters students enrolled in a FSGC-affiliated universities (Have to be US citizens; permanent residents are not eligible)

  1. Dissertation and Thesis Improvement Fellowship

These $5000 awards are intended to provide supplemental funds for items not normally available from the student’s university or other sources. Funds cannot be used for salaries or tuition. (Have to be US citizens; permanent residents are not eligible)

  1. Florida Space Research Program (FSRP)

Seed funding for space related Research projects (up to $25K)

  1. 2017 FSGC/SF- KSC Technology Development Program

FSGC-Space Florida-KSC Technology Development and Commercialization Program RFP has topic areas for two KSC patented technologies.  We are now seeking proposals to conduct testing as described in the topic areas (Aerogel-Fiber Hybrid Laminate System and Cryogenic Fluid Capacitor)

All these programs can also be accessed from the main FSGC web page

For any inquiries about the programs, please email

Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University, started as a university of engineering and technology, is designed to be different so that graduates possess the talent and job-ready skills to stand out from the crowd. While other top engineering schools in Florida have centers of innovation, Florida Poly was established on April 20, 2012, as a wholly innovative university dedicated to the principle that innovation occurs when research and creativity are applied to real-world challenges. Florida’s only public university for engineering and technology dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) was created to be both a rigorous academic institution and a powerful resource for high-tech industries.

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