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Dr. Nirmal Patel
Division of Sponsored Research & Training

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4567 St. John's Bluff Road S
Jacksonville, Fl 32224-2645
PH: (904) 620-1670
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The University of North Florida is a comprehensive public urban university whose mission is to educate students through a broad array of undergraduate and select graduate programs. The University of North Florida is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service; and the engagement of students in a personal, supportive, and challenging learning environment. In fulfilling its mission, the University seeks to contribute to the betterment of society.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the bedrock of the University of North Florida just as the liberal arts curriculum is at the very center of the university’s mission. What students acquire through their engagement with the liberal arts is a sense of their place within the universe, whether that universe is defined in physical, social, moral, or aesthetic terms. It is for this reason that general education, provided almost entirely by the College of Arts and Sciences, remains to this day the foundation for all further university study; and it is why premier graduate and professional schools continue to give admissions preference to students who choose to major in one of the liberal arts even if they intend to pursue advanced study in a technical or professional field.