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FSGC Fellowship Programs

FSGC Research Programs

FSGC Fellowship Programs   In 2019-20, FSGC will be awarding 2 types of fellowships. One is a Dissertation and Thesis Improvement Fellowship and the other is a 1-year Masters fellowship. Please click on the links below for more information about … [Read more]

Hybrid Motor Rocket Competition

 The major change in this years competition is  the launch site (Spaceport Rocketry Association in Palm Bay) and the involvement of a mentor for teams using a non-standard motor. This mentor must maintain a current Level 2 certification, … [Read more]

FSGC Research Programs

FSGC Research Programs

The Florida Space Grant Consortium has a long history of supporting  scientific research. With the sponsorship of Space Florida (present) and the Florida Space Research Institute (in the past), we have funded projects from across the entire space … [Read more]

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