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Lunar Rover Competition

2019 A Rover Odyssey Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon     In Partnership with Atlantis Education Services, the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium is hosting a lunar rover competition for middle school … [Read more]

Florida Engineering Education Conference

2020 Florida Engineering Education Conference (FEEC) The Florida Engineering Education Conference (FEEC) has been hosted by the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences (CECS) at the University of Central Florida since its beginnings in 2005. The … [Read more]

Astronaut Memorial Foundation Teacher Workshops

FSGC in collaboration with the Astronaut Memorial Foundation conducts a number of technology workshops for teachers in Florida. 2014 Workshop University of Central Florida (UCF) Resident Teacher Professional Preparation Program (RP3) The Kennedy Space … [Read more]

UCF College of Engineering Teacher Workshops

FSGC is collaborating with the University of Central Florida’s College of Engineering Outreach office in implementing a number of K-12 programs targeted towards teachers (1) Third Annual Florida Engineering Education Conference (FEEC) UCF-CECS’ … [Read more]

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