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Students from ERAU and other univ. team up with NASA to tests tools for Artemis

Twenty schools were selected by NASA to proceed to testing of their solutions to various challenges in 2020. One of the teams selected was Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Spacesuit Utilization of Innovative Technology (SUIT) laboratory, which developed the Artemis Regolith Receptacle for Contingency Handheld Extraction and Return (ARRCHER). This team was partially supported by FSGC.

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NASA and UCF Collaborate to Develop New High Temperature Powder Coating through FSGC award

NASA and UCF Collaborate to Develop New High Temperature Powder Coating. This feature article was released on July/August 2020 Issue of the professional magazine, Powder Coating Tough . This was the result of an FSGC grant to Dr. Jihua Gou at the University of Central Florida under the FSGC-KSC Technology Development Program.


Featured Research on Powder Coated Tough_July-August 2020


2015 FSGC Fellow Nichole Ternan – Using Plumeria Pollination to Engage Student Scientists

Using Plumeria Pollination to Engage Student Scientists
By Nichole Tiernan (Florida International University and Fairchild Botanical Gardens) – 2015 FSGC Fellow

Nichole Tiernan article

Outstanding ERAU Researcher of the Year Wins $1.3M NASA Award

In summer 2021, Embry-Riddle’s Dr. Aroh Barjatya and his students will launch two identical rockets from tiny Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, northeast of Papua New Guinea, thanks to a new $1.3 million NASA research award. 

“End-to-end testing was the overall goal to ensure that a CubeSat operates and functions properly in the space environment,” Campagnolo explained. With partial support from the Florida Space Grant Consortium, the Embry-Riddle Office of Undergraduate Research, and Faculty Innovative Research in Science and Technology, the student researchers also worked on software to more easily and accurately interpret data from the Helmholtz cages.

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FSGC Fellows part of a UCF Team Discovery that Could Allow Travel from Coast to Coast in Under 30 Minutes

2 FSGC fellows from the University of Central Florida, Jonathan Sosa  and Jessica Chambers, are part of a team under the leadership of Dr. Kareem Ahmed, have made a discovery that could allow travel from Coast to Coats in under 30 minutes. Dr. Kareem Ahmed, the students advisor remarked ” The FSGC DIF fellowships significantly augmented the research portfolios (the FSGC DIF is a critical element that supports our students’ research portfolio beyond what a grant could). They have been able to utilize it effectively for their research careers.”

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