Success Stories Archive

Jason Dunn

Jason Dunn is the cofounder and CTO of Made in Space. Made In Space is the only company to off-world manufacture, having built the first objects ever made in space in 2014. With two operational 3D printers on the International Space Station, Made … [Read more]

Nicholas Rongione

Nicholas Rongione, a former FSGC Ambassador at the University of Miami was awarded a  National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. He will be focusing on developing aerospace applications of nanotechnology, and in particular, thermoelectric … [Read more]

Frank Monzon

2006 Florida Space Grant Scholar “The experience you need to succeed at the next level” One of my professors introduced me to the Florida Space Grant program in 2006 while I was attending the University of Florida. He graciously mentored … [Read more]

Marcus Johnson

2008-2011 Florida Space Grant Fellow, “Gave me the toolset to do research” I am a first-generation college student and the only one in my family to pursue a doctorate degree. The Florida Space Grant program taught me to think about things differently … [Read more]

Jennifer Kissinger

2006-2008 Florida Space Grant, “Opened my eyes to the vast array of options available to me”  While I was attending the Florida Institute of Technology, the Florida Space Grant program funded my internship at the NASA Academy program in … [Read more]

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