Inspire – Connect – Explore – NASA Kennedy Space Center website for college students

Inspire – Connect – Explore” (ICE)

NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is piloting a new website, “Inspire – Connect – Explore” (ICE), for college students. The website is designed to showcase real world examples of degrees at work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and more (STEM&M).   As part of a team of young engineers and mathematicians at Kennedy Space Center, we believe this website will be a valuable tool for students to inspire their future and help guide their college careers.  We were once college students as well and understand the challenges associated with choosing the path for the future.

The website is accessible at . NASA/KSC employees have generated profiles to include how their education and experiences have developed their careers. Students can browse by degree, school, or search by subject of interest to find a NASA/KSC employee’s profiles. Employee profiles include information on valuable courses, career history, and an opportunity to interact with the employees through a question/answer section.

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