New NASA Opportunity for Summer Faculty

New NASA Opportunity for Summer Faculty

NASA is advertising for a faculty member to teach a new program called Launching 2 Learn. Students will learn how to launch level 1 and level 2 high powered rockets, and learn all the math and science involved.  The purpose is to encourage students to stay enrolled in a STEM degree program.  Students will be paid $600 a week for 4 weeks to participate in this program. The program will be held at KSC July 6 – 31.

Faculty interested in teaching this program can go to the following website for the application

Qualified individuals must:

1) have at least a level 2 certification in high powered rocketry.  See:

2) be able to provide instruction for a 4 week duration at the NASA Kennedy Space Center  July 6 – 31

3) be able to prepare the university student level curriculum during a 2 week period prior to coming to KSC in July

4) be able finalize a high school curriculum within 2 weeks after finishing instruction at KSC

The individual will be teaching level 1 and level 2 High Power Rocketry (HPR) to 20 college freshmen STEM majors, as part of NASA’s Launching to Learn.  The instructor will teach the math and science required for the students to gain a deep understanding of rocketry.  The instructor will teach the students to build and launch a level 1 rocket.   Students will be able to apply for level 1 certification upon successful launch and recovery.  The instructor will teach the students to build and launch level 2 rockets in teams of 4.
This exhilarating experience is designed to increase students’ self-efficacy in engineering for those that have historically been at a higher risk of dropping out of their intended engineering majors.

In addition to teaching students, the contracted instructor must also prepare a packaged course that can be shared with high schools nationwide.  NASA will also be selecting a graduate student to assist with both the HPR class and the development of the high school curriculum.

The selected individual will enter into a contractual relationship to complete the above mentioned tasks, and shall be provided $1,400 per week for each of the 6-8 weeks associated with this program. Some travel expenses will be provided if the instructor lives more than 50 miles from KSC.  The travel expenses will follow GSA guidelines.

Please provide information about your background and experience by completing the following form:


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