Payload Slots on Private Suborbital Spaceflights – For Your Experiment – AT NO COST


Citizens in Space ( is a not-for-profit, private continuation of NASA’s original Teachers in Space Project that has pre-purchased 10 flights of XCOR’s Lynx spacecraft.  With capacity for 10-15 experiments per flight, Citizens in Space invites citizen scientists at all levels to submit your experiment ideas for consideration.  Groups of makers, hackers, students, researchers, educators, and space professionals with zero-g or observation experiments that can meet volume and mass constraints similar to the cubesat standard will be offered 1U, 2U, and 3U sized accommodation on the flight manifest at no cost.  Citizens in Space seeks to keep the data and designs publicly accessible, so an open source approach is recommended.  Mentoring through the development and integration process is available, and a partnered space R&D company offers a hardware development kit for free.


It’s not every day that an opportunity comes along for you to get your experiment in to space without significant expenditure.  This is a great opportunity for STEM outreach, academic research, or for professionals with desk jobs to get their hands dirty again.  Visit to download the development guide and read the requirements for submitting a letter of intent.  Letters of intent to are what secure your spot on the list, and slots are going fast- so expedite if you can!

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