PocketQube 1.0 Workshop – Cape Canaveral, Fl May 13-14, 2014




PocketQube 1.0 Workshop

Kentucky Space and Space Tango are organizing and sponsoring a workshop on PocketQube™ (PQ) class satellite (measuring 5cmx5cmx15cm and weighing just under one pound) at Cape Canaveral, FL on May 13-14, 2014.

At this workshop you will interact with the actual individuals that designed, built, launched and now perform the ground ops for the first successful PQ satellite now in orbit. You will not only receive details about the design and development of your PQ-class satellite but also meet with the people who can facilitate all of  the aspects of your PQ mission. The Florida workshop is co-sponsored by NASA Kentucky and NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC). There is a registration fee of $75 for students and $125 for others. FSGC will only pay the registrations costs  for 10 students enrolled in a Florida College or University. FSGC will not pay for any travel or accommodations. If any student is interested in attending the workshop, please email a 1 page CV to fsgc@ucf.edu by  April 2, 2014. FSGC will inform the 10 selected students by April 4, 2014. These 10 students can then register for the workshop but do not have to pay for the registration.

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