NASA Glenn Research Center University Student Design Challenge 2018-2019

Challenge Goals

Societal needs include an optimal combination of technical and employable skills to drive and sustain workplace productivity. In the spirit of this need, the competition promotes participation through multidisciplinary teams of students with STEAM majors.  Using the insights of teams of students with highly diverse knowledge will increase both the ability and creativity of the teams and foster team-building and communication skills, which, in turn, can enhance workplace productivity. The Challenge calls upon a multidisciplinary view to gain knowledge from the ideas and feasibility assessments that come from it.

Higher Education Design Challenges (USDC-3)

The two projects within the Design Challenge are:

  • For Aeronautics –
    Hybrid Electric Regional Jet Aircraft Conceptual Design and Operations
  • For Space –
    Solar powered exploration of Venus

The deadline for registration is October, 17, 2018. Question(s) on the USDC-3 may be directed to:  for prompt response(s).

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