2003 Research Conference

The 2003 KSC-FSGC Research Conference is being jointly hosted by NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC). Awardees under KSC’s Graduate Student Research Program (GSRP) and FSGC’s Space Grant Fellowship Program (SGFP) will present their research at this conference.

In addition to key note speakers and senior NASA KSC personnel, invitees will also include other graduate fellows, Faculty advisors of presenters. The conference will provide an unique opportunity for students and university faculty to meet various engineers and researchers of NASA KSC.

The conference will include talks by senior KSC personnel on both the first and second day of the conference and Dr. Sam Durrance, Director, FSGC.

The conference will also include tours of various KSC facilities including the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF), Vehicle Assembly Bldg. (VAB), Launch Pads and Saturn V Complex. Participants will also be presented with complimentary tickets for the IMAX movie “Space Station 3D” which will be followed with a Banquet.

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