2015-16 Space Grant Fellows

2015 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 2 of 3)
NameUniversityProject Title
Rachel Wagner-KaiserUniversity of Florida

Bayesian Analysis of Multiple Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters

2015 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 3 of 3)
NameUniversityProject Title
Tracy BeckerUniversity of Central Florida

Characterizing the Size Distribution and Vertical Displacement of Particles in Saturn’s Rings

2015-16 Dissertation and Thesis Improvement Fellows

University of South FloridaConfinement effects a;nd megnetic interactions in one-dimensional magnetic nanostructuresKristenRepa
University of FloridaGaint Molcular Cloud Collisions as Triggers of Star FormationBenjaminWu
University of Central FloridaAlgae as a Sustainable Life Support System during Long Duration Space MissionsJaredChurch
University of FloridaRoot skewing, root waving, and their implications on general root directionality in Arabidopsis thaliana as revealed through spaceflightEricSchultz
University of South FloridaHybrid Adsorption Biological Treatment Systems (HABiTS) for Decentralized Wastewater TreatmentLauraRodriguez-Gonzalez
University of South FloridaRenewable in-situ CO2 conversion to CO for liquid fuels synthesisYolandaDaza
University of South FloridaLow Temperature Dry Reforming of Biogas to Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels via Novel CatalystsNadaElsayed
University of FloridaFaraday Instablility in Three Fluid Mechanically Oscillated and Liquid-Air Electrostatically Oscillated SystemsKevinWard
University of Central FloridaCollecting and Analyzing Comet Imaging Data for a Study of the Behavior of Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachann 1CharlesSchambeau
University of Central FloridaWater Vapor Generation and Analysis of Lunar VolatilesLeighNash
University of Central FloridaThe effects if heterogeneous surface interactions on the fundamental combustion chemistry of SCRAM jet fuelsOwenPryor