2019 Dissertation and Thesis Improvement Fellows
Advisor-nameFirst-nameLast-nameCollege-UniversityProject Title
Subith VasuKyleThurmondUniversity of Central FloridaDevelopment of laser-based sensors for advanced propulsion devices
Kareem AhmedSheikhSalauddinUniversity of Central FloridaCharactenization and Prediction of Advanced biofuels properties and behavior aircraft engines
Kareem AhmedHardeoChinUniversity of Central FloridaPressure Gain Combustion for Advanced Propulsion Systems
Jayanta KapatAndresCurbeloUniversity of Central FloridaDetailed investigation on heat transfer and fluid interaction over non-uniform roughened surfaces in jet impingement cooling applications
Kareem AhmedIanDunnUniversity of Central FloridaCoal fired rotating detonation engine
Kareem A. AhmedAnthonyMoralesUniversity of Central FloridaTurbulent Flame Extinction Dynamics
Anthony GonzalezEmilyMoravecUniversity of FloridaRadio-active CoWS: Probing the role of envirnment on radio-AGN at z~1 with MaDCoWs
Kareem AhmedTommyGenova Jr.University of Central FloridaImproving set engine efficiency through lean axial-stage combustion
Jeffrey L. KauffmanChristianVasquezUniversity of Central FloridaExploiting dynamic magnetic fields for new maghetorheological fluid damping capability
Zhiyong (Richard) LiangYourri-SamuelDessureaultFlorida State UniversityProduction of high dimensional order carbon nanotube textiles for scalable manufacturing of multifunctional carbon nanotube-carbon fiber hybrid composites
Jeffrey KauffmanAndresRodriguezUniversity of Central FloridaModeling and simulation of cyclic structures: mistuning and vibration localization
Jamie FosterMadelineVroomUniversity of FloridaImpact of low shear modeled microgravity on bacteria induced apoptosis during animal development in the squid-vibrio symbiosis
2019 Masters Fellows
Advisor-nameFirst-nameLast-nameCollege-UniversityProject Title
Humberto CampinsVanessaLowryUniversity of Central FloridaAsteroid Families as Constraints on Giant Planet Migration
Kareem AhmedAndreWoodardUniversity of Central FloridaAn Experimental Approach to Quantifying the Pressure Gain in a Hydrogen and Air Fed Rotating Detonation Engine