The program funded by FSGC’s Aerospace Workforce Development Award and implemented by Florida Space Research Institute (FSRI) is designed to provide high school students who have a space-related research project (in addition to physics, aerodynamics, and other traditional aerospace topics, research can be in biotechnology, life science, botany, or another not-obvious discipline, if there is a potential space-based application or research connection) with mentoring by an adult uniquely qualified in the students area of interest. Potential mentors include career aerospace engineers, astronauts, university professors/researchers, and technical specialists.

The students communication with the mentor is primarily accomplished via FSRIs Advanced Learning Environment (ALE) online web board capabilities, however, email, telephone, and personal contact could also used depending on the nature of the students research project and the desires/resources of the participants. The ALEs online space science and pre-engineering courses can also be used as a resource.The program is designed to have a duration of approximately 6 months. The FSRI staff will have oversight of the program and monitor both mentees and mentors for levels of participation, resource requirements (such as private online conferences), and internet/contact safety practices.

All participants in the program are required to make a firm commitment to participate in the program for its duration. Those who leave the program for any reason other than extenuating circumstances will not be eligible to participate in FSRI/ALE programs in the future.Participants will be expected to spend a minimum of 15 minutes each week communicating (emailing, posting to the web board, etc.) with their mentor/mentee. Additional time spent on the program is up to the preferences of individual mentors and mentees and the requirements of the research project.

The FSGC-FSRI Aerospace Digital Mentoring Program is designed to provide students with resources they would otherwise be unable to access and advanced insight into and assistance with their research projects. The purpose of the program is to increase student interest in science and technology education and careers.

FSGC-FSRI is currently recruiting mentees through contacts within the Florida Department of Education. Once mentees have been identified, FSRI will quickly attempt to match them with appropriate mentors.

If you are a school research instructor or a student with a school-approved research project pertaining to space (as described above) who would like to be a part of the Mentoring program or a potential mentor with experience to share, please contact us at or call 1-866-FSRI-ALE (377-4253).

For additional details, please dont hesitate to contact Tom Cavanagh at