Spaceport Transportation (ST)
PIUniversityProject Title
Jay Kapat/Louis Chow/Bill NotardonatoUCF/KSCDevelopment & Testing of key components for a reliable, compact & light-weight cryo-cooler
Sudipta Seal/L Ludwig/Clyde ParrishUCF/KSCDevelopment of Gas sensors with high sensitivity & selectivity based on Doped Nano-crystalline metal oxides for space exploration
Space Education & Training Program (SETP)
PIUniversityProject Title
Marianne BarnesUNFProtein crystals in space in Florida Schools
Larry ChewUCFMaterials Science & Engineering for Teachers
Space-Based Research & Payload Development (SRPD)
PIUniversityProject Title
Chuanmin HuUSFDevelopment of a simple Remote-Sensing Instrument for aquatic applications
Donald Platt/ChanMicro Aero. Solutions & UCFA prototype for a hydrazine monopropellant thruster system for nanosatellites.
Jonathan WhitlowFITAn investigation of a modified Reverse Water Gas Shift Process for Oxygen Production