Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
M Hampton/L Gianuzzi mhampton@mail.ucf.eduUCFNew hydrogen storage materials based on mechanically alloyed mixtures & metallic foams
Roger Johnson Health Monitoring & Data validation and Control System
C Subramanian & K MitraFITNon-destructive detection of thermal tile system debonding using short-pulse laser
Clayton Baum cbaum&fit.eduFITFluorescence detection of hydrazines utilizing hydrogen bonding
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
E Ackerman esa@scis.nova.eduNova SE Univ.Scanning probe microscopy for the International Space Station
D DeFreese ddefreese@hswri.orgHubbs SeaworldTracking Leatherback turtles from space tracking camera
J Ladesic / A Helfrick ladesicj@cts.db.erau.eduERAUEage eye – a flight demonstration of user controlled remote sensing enhance cell adhesion
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
L Chew lnc@mail.ucf.eduUCFEngineering design process through Robotics
M Fauerbach mfauerba@fgcu.eduFGCUThe ACUMEN Project
Al Koller Technology Internships
G Tavares tavares@amfcse.orgAMFStatewide Space and technology education program for teachers
N Thagard / R Fisher challenger@eng.fsu.eduFAMU-FSUAerospace cadre in North Florida development
Space Research & Infrastructure Programs
PIUniversityProject Title
L Baksay / R Meinke Inc.Measurements with the Foster Miller Maglev Track
P Jennings jennings@fit.eduFITMembrane separation of gases in spacecraft atmospheres
W Lear / S Sherif lear@ufl.eduUFWeight optimization of a capillary-pumped space thermal
G Zha simulation of 3D Unsteady Turbopump Flows with cavitation for space launch vehicle engines