Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Keonwook Kim & Ors. kkim@eng.fsu.eduFSUAn innovative health monitoring system (IHMS) based on intelligent wireless sensor networks for a spacecraft launch processing
S Kozaitis kozaitis@fit.eduFITAutomated inspection of Orbiter Flaws
G Prasad / R JohnsonAximetric Inc./UCFSimulation Training Tool
David Ross david.ross@erau.eduERAUStatistical process control for shuttle maintenance
B Sankar & Ors. sankar@ufl.eduUFIntegration thermal protection systems for reusable launch vehicles
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
L Andrews / C Young
UCFLaser Communications
William Lear & Ors. lear@ufl.eduUFIntegration of space thermal management and propulsion systems
David Nicholson nicholsn@mail.ucf.eduUCFWeight optimal design of momentum wheels for space applications
M Reyhanoglu reyhanom@erau.eduERAUModeling & Control of underactuated spacecraft systems
James Wanliss james.wanliss@erau.eduERAUMartian Aerial reconnaissance vehicle
Ming Zhang & testing solid-state detector system for high-energy particle experiments on space missions
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Larry Chew Payload Development
Darci Hames & Ors. dhames@gator.netUFEarly Education for Space Science – Baby Gator Educational Research Center for Child Development
John Oliver oliver@astro.ufl.eduUFTeaching Astronomy through real-time web based resources
K Simmons kreksimmons@aol.comTekna-Theos Inc.Student space-related education through bioreactor design and osteoblast research in microgravity
N Thagard / R Fisher challenger@eng.fsu.eduFAMU-FSUMartian Aerial reconnaissance vehicle
Kurt Winkelma kwinkel@fit.eduFITIntroducing Mars Terraforming in General Chemistry
Janusz Zalewski zalewski@fgcu.eduFGCUUndergraduate student education in Real-Time satellite tracking for ground control station