Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PI University Project Title
Lei Wei UCF Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Communication for Future Space Missons
Takis Kasparis FSU Development of Raindrop & Hail Size Distribution Measurement Technologies
Eric Petersen UCF Characterization of Cryogenic Rocket Injectors for High Performance & Combustion Instability
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PI University Project Title
Dennis Chamberland KSC An Exploratory Study of the Use of DNA Markers in Assessing HZE Damage in the Central Nervous System of Mice
Winston V. Schoenfeld UCF Radiation Damage & Degradation of Self-assembled Quantum Dot Lasers
Kenneth D. Cohen NASA/KSC The Effect of Simulated Microgravity on Arteriolar Function
Philip J. Scarpa NASA/KSC Intravenous Fluid Production in Space Flight
Daniel Woodard Bionetics Corp. Control of Microbial Growth in Spacecraft Environments
Gecheng Zha UM Numerical Study of High Performance Airfoil for Mars Airplanes using Co-Flow Jet flow Control
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PI University Project Title
Steve Sell ZERO-Gravity Corp. ZERO-G Experience for Teachers
Michael Fauerbach FGCU Bringing Space Science into the Math & Science Classrooms
Winston E. Scott FL Space Authority Florida Space Academy
Chan Ham FIT Curriculum Development: Micro Space Exploration Utilizing a Pico-Satellite
Remy Luerssen USF A Distributed Virtual Learning Enviroment (DVLE) for Satellite Ocean Remote Sensing Education