Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Alan Brown, Aliea Herberg, J.Clayton BaumFITSecond Generation Hydrazine Sensors
Louis ChowUCFCompact, lightweight & Effective heat exchanger for Liquefaction of Oxygen
Anil RaoUFComputational Approach for Rapid space mission planning
Bhavani SankarUFNano Composites for lightweight crtigenic tanks in crew exploration and crew vehicles
Samuel DurranceFITSimulation of a sonic profile of a sub-orbital vehicle by using a starfighters F104 at the JFK space center
Andreas HaselbacherUFModeling and Prediction of Rocket Exhaust interaction with Martian surfaces
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Ming Su, Shenglo ZouUCFNanocolumn array-supported nano nanoparticles for highly sensitive detection of disease biomarkers based on surface plasmon resonance
Jamie FosterUFMicrobial Mats, Solar Radiation and the Genetic Response
W. Linwood JonesUCFHurricane Flight Experiment for development of the HIRad Wind Speed Model
Winston SchoenfeldUCF Graded InGaN/Gan Hetero-structure Solar Celss for Extreme Space Enviroments
Stephen S. EikenberryUFHyperspectral Ground-base optical imaging at the diffraction limit
Huikai XieUFUltra-high energy density integral capacitors with small form factor for space applications
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Michael HickeyERAUTeachSpace! ERAU/Space TEC Partnership at World Space Expo
Norman ThagardFSUChallenger Learning Center Using Robots to Connect the Curriculum Dots
Douglas HowseSpaceTECSpace TEC Near Space Project
Norman Fitz-CoyUFDevelopment of space science curriculum package to support new Florida FCAT science standards
Daniel KirkFITLow-Gravity Six Degrees Of Freedom Slosh Dynamics