Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PI University Project Title
Dr. Nirmalkumar Patel UNF Nanocrystalline gas sensors arrays for detecting gases
Dr. YI Sharaf-Eldeen FIT Solar Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Energy System
Dr. Sasan Fathpour UCF Plasmonic Enhanced Two-Photon Photovoltaic Cells for Space Applications
Dr. Bhavani Sankar UF Molecular-Dynamic Simulation of Nano Composities for Lightweight Cryogenic Storage Systems
Dr. Brian Moore UCF Simulating the Effects of Rocket Exhaust on Lunar Soil
Dr. Robert Peale UCF Submillimeter-wave Fabry Perot Spectrometer
Dr. Anil Rao UF A Multidisciplinary design for optimization approach to rapid space mission planning
Dr. Ali Mehrabian Miami Analysis of Structures for Lunar Surface Systems
Dr. Michael Proctor
Dr. Brian Guise
UCF Feasibilty of Rehearsal & Assessment of Manned & Robotic Celesital Body Missions
Dr. Jeffrey Fan FIU NASA: H.264 Based Target Tracking and Visualization in Space Exploration
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PI University Project Title
Dr. Stefan Mancas ERAU Aerodynamic Stability of Satellites in Elliptic Low Earth Orbits
Dr. Jamie Foster UF Optimizing carbon sequestration with environmental manipulations of modern microbialiteis
Dr. Ranga Narayanan UF Evaporative Heat-Transfer – An Application to Temperature Control of Space Habitats
Dr. Yunjun Xu UCF Vision Based State and Parameter Estimation & Trajectory Predicaion of Space Debris in Close Proximity
Dr. Brian Lail FIT Impedance-Matched Antenna-Coupled Detectors for Far-Infrared Astronomy
Dr. Chan Ham UCF Development of an Innovative propellantless Propulsion system for LEO satellites (Explorer for a Gossamer Tech and a Tether)
Dr. Daniel Kirk FIT Novel Framework for Characterization of Slosh Dynamics in Low=Gravity
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PI University Project Title
Dr. Gene Tavares Astronaut Memorial Foundation Teacher Connect:Aerospace & Digital Tech (TC)
Dr. Norm Thagard FSU CRATERSCAPE Curriculum: Development , Design and Distribution
Dr. Janusz Zalewski FGCU Expansion of Internet-based Embedded Systems Lab to Enhance Space Related Courses
Dr. Kurt Winkelmann FIT Learning Chemistry through Mars-Themed Experiments in a Virtual Lab
Dr. Kevin Simmons Tekna-Theos The innovation Project::Promoting STEM Education through Aerospace competitions and entrepreneurial training