Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Dr. Norman FitzcoyUFDevelopment of a Visual Inspection System for Post-impact Characterization of DebriSat
Dr. John KuhnUSFHydrogen Purification from Bio-Mass-derived syngas
Dr. Michelle ManuelUFCrack closure and intrinsic toughening mechanism for shape memory alloy embedded composites
Dr. Louis ChowUCFEffect of Vibration of Cryogens Boil-off During Launch Transfer and Transport
Dr. Kunal MitraFITUnderstanding Bone Loss in Microgravity through Nanoscale finite element analysis of load bearing structures in bones
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Dr. Gloria WeinsUFIntegration of SIMPLE Boom Technology with Deployable Systems for Small Satellites
Dr. Andrew ScguergerUFDART:Dust Atltitdue Recovery Technology –High Altitude Dust Sampling for the Detection of Microorganisms in Earth Atmosphere
Dr. Anna-Lisa PaulUFCrew-Assisted & Crew-Autonomous Biological Imaging in Parabolic Suborbital Vechicles
Dr. Eric Todd BradleyUCFFeasibility study of the low earth orbit duest environment using a formation of cubesats equipped with dust dectectors
Dr. Rodney RobertsFSUImproving on-orbit teleoperation by Reducing Mental Workload
Dr. Jonathan EngleFAULoop Quantum Gravity dynamics from the CMB Missions
Dr. Liyuan MaUCFHigh throughout detection of readiation induced DNA damage at simulated
Space Education and Training Programs Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Dr. Joann WilsonFGCUGEMS  Explores the Wonders of Space
Michelle PersonetteFSUTeach the Teacher, Stimulate the Student