Space Exploration & Spaceport Technology Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Dr. Hyun ChoBethune CookmanHICO Satellite Data Model for Seagrass Mapping in Indian River Lagoon, FL
Dr. Daniel SantaviccaUNFMultiplexed Readout of Superconducting Transition Edge Sensors Using Compact Superconducting Resonators
Dr. Anil RaolUFA Novel Computational Framework for Efficient and Accurate Low-Thrust Optimal Mission Planning
Dr. Stephen KueblerUCFEnhanced Chalcogenide Materials for Space-based Infrared Optics
Dr. Ronnal ReichardFITQuick Connect Composite Struss Joint
Space-Based Research and Payload Development Awards
PIUniversityProject Title
Dr. Jayan ThomasUCFNovel energy storage devices for microsatellite and space station applications
Dr. Na LiMiamiDevelopment of New Fluorescent Assay for Detecting Radiation-Induced Activation of Transcription Factors
Dr. Bogdan UdreaERAUOpto-mechanical Analysis and Testing and Development of a Payload for Space-based Space Situational Awareness
Dr. Eric McLamoreUFPortable Biosensor technology for monitoring  microbialite biogeochemmistry
Dr. David TannerUFDevelopment of High Frequency Resonant Cavity prototypes for Axion Dark Matter Detection
Space Education and Training Programs Awards

PIUniversityProject Title
Ms. Michelle PersonetteiFSUTeach the teachet, Simulate the student
Dr. Masood PoorandiBethune CookmanStrengthening Bethune Cookman students understanding of mathematics leading to increased enrollment and retention in STEM disciplinies
Dr. Jamie FosterUFBridging the gap between undergraduate and graduate STEM education: development of a post-baccalaureate internship at the Space Life Sciences Lab
Dr. BeharryFGCUGEMS Explores the wonders in Space
Dr. Stephanie CareyUSFGraduate students encouraging STEM Learning with Bioastronautics
Dr. Janusz  ZalewskiFGCUBuilding a Remote Robotics Lab for Use Across the Undergraduate STEM Curriculum