2017 FSRP Awardees




Space Exploration
Aniket Bhattacharya UCF Bouncing Barrier Problem in Planet Formation
Beni Dangi FAMU Laboratory Studies of Planetary and Exoplanetary Atmospheres
RyanKobrick ERAU Increasing Spaceflight Analogue Mission Fidelity by Standardization of Extravehicular 
    Activity Metrics Tracking and Analysis
Subith Vasu UCF  Novel and Robust Sensors for Detecting Planetary Gases-
Targeting Mars
Space Technology
Bradford Towle Fl Poly Applying Ant Colony Optimization to Exploratory Robotics in an unknown Environment
Daniel Kirk FIT Autonomous Control of Spacecraft Orbital Refueling (ACSOR)
Kawai Kwok UCF Adaptive Flexible Composites for Deployable Spacecraft Structures
Seetha Raghavan UCF Advanced thermal and environmental barrier coating configurations for durability 
     in reusable systems under extreme environments
Sung Hee Joo Miami Multifunctional Nanostructured Sensors with Structural Property in Space Applications 
Space based Research and Payload
Arman Sargolzaei FL Poly Smart Sensory skin technology for health monitoring and comfort enhancement
Jayan Thomas UCF Fibers with self-sustainable energy for space applications
Ranga Narayanan UF Faraday Instability of Fluids in Microgravity
Woo Hyoung Lee UCF Sustainable Energy Production from Oily Liquid Wastes using Micro Fuel Cells (MFCs)
Space Education and Training Program
John Hewitt UNF Integration of Programming and Modern Research 
    Tools into Astronomy courses at UNF