First NameLast NameUniversityCategoryTitle
AlexandreStephaneMission Optimization Based on Crew Psychophysiological Fitness Monitoring and Adaptive Task Allocation
MelanieCorrellFlorida Institute of TechnologySpace ExplorationA plant-microbiome and environmental parameter monitoring system for space-agriculture
AdrianSpecognaUniversity of FloridaSpace ExplorationCentral Nervous System Disease in Airline Pilots and Crew
CliffordRenkUniversity of Central FloridaSpace ExplorationInvestigating visual neuroplasticity through morphological analysis of retinal and brain neurons in spaceflight specimens
StephanieCareyFlorida Gulf Coast UniversitySpace Research and Payload DevelopmentInvestigation of Vibration Isolation System Design Parameters for Spaceflight Exercise Devices
KeniaNunesUniversity of South FloridaSpace Research and Payload DevelopmentInterplay Between Cardiovascular Disease and Space Radiation
TarekElgoharyFlorida Institute of TechnologySpace Research and Payload DevelopmentARTISAN: Autonomous Real-Time Identification with Space-based Agent Nodes
SamikBhattacharyaThe University of Central FloridaSpace TechnologyTip-Leakage Vortex Control with Segmented Plasma Actuators
JamesGiancasproUniversity of Central FloridaSpace TechnologyHybrid Nanomaterials for Space Habitat Construction
HamidHefaziUniversity of MiamiSpace TechnologyAn Experimental Investigation of Polyimides for Space Applications
AnilRaoFlorida Institute of TechnologySpace TechnologyA Cornnutational Approach for the Efficient and Accurate Solutions of Solar Sail Trajectory Optimization Problems
University of FloridaSpace Technology