Program NamePI Last NamePI FirstPI OrgTitle
ExplorationAhmedKareemUCFRotating Detonation Engine for Booster Stage Rockets
ExplorationKelsoChrisUNFExploring paleo-detectors as a novel technique for measuring
supernova neutrinos
ExplorationLeeSeung JaeFIUTowards Biomimetic Soft Penetration for Extraterrestrail Habitat
Construction and Subsurface Exploration
ExplorationMitraKunalFITPortable NIRS System for Monitoring of Cerebrovascular Dysfunction
During Spaceflight Using Head-Down Tilt Mechanism
ExplorationSadmaniA H MUCFWater Reclamation in Space Missions using Polyelectrolyte
Multilayer-Assisted Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticle-Immobilized
Forward Osmosis (PAZIN FO)
ResearchConesaAnaUFFacilitating knowledge exchange between microbiology and
computer science students: a computationally intensive approach to
discover new adaptation genes in extreme environments.
ResearchFosterJamieUFUnderstanding plant-microbe interactions for applications in spaceflight
ResearchKangHyeranUCFAnti-oxidative nanoparticles for actin aytoskeleton protection from space
ResearchReischChristopherUFBacterial Resistance to Extreme Stressors
ResearchSealSudiptaUCFA Green Alternative Cementitious Material for Rocket Launch Pads (GEM
TechnologyChandaDebashisUCFDynamically Tunable Infrared 'Color' Imaging for Tracking Origin of Galaxies
TechnologyIshigamiMasahiroUCFDiscovery of Visible (solar) Blind Far Ultra Violet Detector Technologies
Based on Hexagonal Boron Nitride
TechnologyOatesWilliamFSUHigh Temperature Fracture Characterization for Sensors Operating in
Extreme Environments
TechnologySimsiriwongJutimaUNFThe Influence of Microstructural Defects on Fatigue Performance of
Additively Manufactured Nickel-Based Superalloy at Very High-Cycled
TechnologyZhaiLeiUCFMetal Organic Frameworks on Electrospun Fibers for Effective Carbon
Dioxide Capture and Reduction
TechnologyYangYangUCFSolid-state thin-film Al-ion batteries for space applications