First-nameLast-nameCollege-UniversityNASA Mission DirectorateTitle
SamikBhattacharya University of Central FloridaARMDPeriodic Gust Control with Morphing Wings
RangaNarayananUniversity of FloridaHEOGravitational Effects on Interfacial Convection- the Marangoni Instability
MandarKulkarniEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityHEOStructural design of space suits using innovative sensitivity analysis scheme
GrantBevillUniversity of North FloridaHEODo Microgravity-Induced Alterations in Brain Structure Increase Susceptibility to Traumatic Brain Injury
ChristineWalckEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityHEOMitigate Deconditioning Syndrome using Resistive Exercise as a Countermeasure
EricHsiaoFlorida State UniversitySMDUnderstanding the Origins of Cosmological Distance Indicators Type Ia Supernovae
TheresaEvans-NguyenUniversity of South FloridaSMDSampling Preparation for Organic Mass Spectrometry-Applications for the Indentification of Chiral Excess
ChristopherBennettUniversity of Central FloridaSMDA Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach to the Determination of the Raman/Infrared Properties of Irradiated Outer Solar System Ices
JohnHewittUniversity of North FloridaSMDIceACT: An imaging air Cherenkov telescope prototype for IceCube-Gen2
BeniDangi Florida A & M UniversitySMDUnravelling the Role of Catalytic Surfaces in Planetary Atmospheres
SubithVasuUniversity of Central FloridaSTInvestigation of the Ignition Kinetics of Aerospace Grade Liquid-Methane Fuels
AnilRaoUniversity of FloridaSTNovel Computational Framework for Optimal Orbital Debris Mitigation Using Adaptive Gaussian Quadrature Collecation