The basic FUNSAT (Florida University SATellite) is a pico-satellite with a maximum mass of 1.33 Kg and the size of 10 x 10 x 10 cm3 (i.e. 1U). However, we allow its extension up to 6U (8 kg) though our funding for the construction may be limited to support 1U cost. The main objectives of this competition are promotion of an interdisciplinary project for systems engineering, supporting a test-bed for advanced technologies such as MEMS, and promoting advanced study and career development for Florida students in the field of aerospace.

TheFUNSAT competition is scheduled to begin this Fall 2018. This design competition is structured to allow students to have a two-year turnaround on an actual system design project: the detailed design in the first year and the flight model construction in the second year. This competition will allow students to work closely with professionals from the field on a project that will have great significance in the coming years. The competition will include the design, fabrication, and a possible launch into space for the winning design. In the conceptual design (first round), competitors will be provided with technical support by FSGC, NASA and space industries. The finalists will be partially supported for their detailed design and building of their FUNSAT, including the final technical workshop. FSGC will work with the winning team to secure funding for the building of the cubesat.

The Florida University Satellite (FUNSAT) Design Competition is sponsored by Florida Space Grant Consortium and the Florida Space Institute.