NASA’s internship programs provide training, mentoring, and career development opportunities while working with the best science, engineering, financial, information technology and business minds in the world. NASA internships are available for students in a variety of disciplines – not just science, technology, engineering and math.

Pathways Internships

STEM Engagement Internships:

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All Florida students interested in internships at NASA centers for the summer of 2022 have to apply through the NASA Internships and Fellowships website  (

The NASA centers will make the selection of students and will request FSGC to pay the stipends for some of the Florida students that are selected for the internship. FSGC will support up to 5  Florida students as interns at NASA centers during summer of 2020. All students have to be US citizens and enrolled in a FSGC affiliated  Florida university or College.

Please note that FSGC will not support interns during the Fall and Spring semesters

Summer 2022 applications are now being accepted. For the optimal chance of being considered please submit your application by March 4. The summer session will begin June 6.


2021 Summer Interns

FSGC Summer 2021 Internships   
Center Student Name Project Title Institution
LaRC Lazaro bosch NASA eClips Florida International University
KSC  Robert Guthrie KSC Integrated Business Management System University of North Florida
LaRC Margaret George Prediction Of Worldwide renewable Energy Resources University of Florida
KSC  Sydney Aitcheson NASA Outreach Project FAMU

2020 Summer Interns

Summer and Fall  2020 FSGC-NASA Interns
Student Univ Mission Directorate Project Title NASA Center Mentor
Juan Halleran ERAU ST Control Systems Design for a Robot with Flexible Inverted Pendulum KSC Dupuis, Michael
Alex Lacerna UF ST Control Systems Design for a Robot with Flexible Inverted Pendulum KSC Dupuis, Michael
Melissa Ma FSU ST Radio Monitoring  KSC Birr, Richard
Zach Karpinski  UF HEO Laboratory support for ground-based and ISS levitation experiments  Marshall Michael Sansoucie
Fall Internship          
Adam Duke ERAU ST Control Systems Design for Robotic Systems – Virtual – 18154 KSC Michael Dupuis

2019 Summer Interns

2019 FSGC Supported Intern Profiles

2018 Summer Interns


Mentor / Collaborator Student Name School Opportunity Title NASA Center Academic Level Major
Sampson, Jeff Gammon, Richard UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Materials Testing and Analysis of
Ablative Coatings
NASA KSC Junior Material Science
Jones, Jonathan Ojeda, Carlos UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Launch Vehicle Control System Design and Testing NASA MARSHALL Senior Aerospace Engineering
Thompson, Furman Colby, Joel UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Additive Manufacturing of a Humidity Sensor NASA MARSHALL Senior Aerospace Engineering
Nufer, Brian Green, Max UNIVERSITY OF  FLORIDA Mechanical and/or Fluids Engineer for Testing and Analysis NASA KSC Senior Mechanical Engineering
Shaykhian, Ali Watkins, Terrell FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY Systems Development, Data Mining and Knowledge Discover NASA KSC Freshman Mechanical Engineering
Shaykhian, Ali Bellamy, Brandeis UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Systems Development, Data Mining and Knowledge Discover NASA KSC Junior Aerospace Engineering
Macon, David White, Lance UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Reverse Engineering and
NASA KSC Junior Mechanical Engineering
Warmbrodt, William Nicholas, Peters EMBRY RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY Advanced Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Research NASA AMES Senior Aerospace Engineering
Underwood, Matthew Byrd, Cameron UNIVERSITY OF  MIAMI Crew Systems and Aviation Operations Branch NASA LANGLEY Junior Aerospace Engineering

2017 Spring Interns

Jaysen Mulligan UCF
Joshua Steinrock FIT
Jessica Warren FSU

2016 NASA Summer Interns

Briana Luthman (USF) Made in Space Inc
Jonathan Hipps (FIU) Made in Space Inc
Jennie Chung (ERAU) NASA Marshall
Ekaterina Vydra (FGCU) NASA Goddard
Kirsten Carlson (FIT) NASA Wallops
Macarena Ortiz (UMiami) NASA Goddard
Julia Worrell (FIT) NASA  Kennedy
Sophia Bergmann (UFL) NASA Marshall
Matthew Schmidt (ERAU) NASA Marshall
Daniel Houck (FSU) NASA Kennedy Master Planning
Zide Carson (USF) NASA Kennedy
Alexander Diaz-Clark (FIU) NASA – ARC
James Egbert (UCF) NASA Kennedy


2015 NASA Summer Interns

  1. Megan Mackool (UF) – Johnson Space Center
  2. Alexander Voce (UCF) – Kennedy Space Center
  3. Breejum Albritton (FIT) – Kennedy Space Center
  4. Christopher Kennedy (FIT) – Kennedy Space Center
  5. Lindsey Carboneau (FGCU) – Langley Space Center
  6. Ryan Kent (USF) – Marshall Space Flight Center
  7. Sahadeo Ramjatan (UF) – Goddard Space Flight Center


 2014 NASA Summer Interns

  1. Joseph Fischer (FIT) – Kennedy Space Center
  2. Kylie Johnson (FIT) – Kennedy Space Center
  3. Breejum Albritton (FIT) – Kennedy Space Center
  4. Gabriel Diez (FSU) – Marshall Space Flight Center
  5. Gillian Smith (UCF) – Marshall Space Flight Center
  6. Eliyahu Davis (Miami) – Marshall Space Flight Center
  7. Jonathan Katzman (Miami) – Langley Research Center
  8. Joseph Park (UF) – Goddard Space Flight Center

2013 KSC Summer Interns


ANTHONY GAROFALO (UCF)  “Fluid Vessel Quantity using Non-Invasive PZT Technology Flight Volume measurements under Zero-G analysis” under the guidance of Dr. Rudolph Werlink.
ARUN SUBBIAH  (UFL)  “Systems Engineering for Science Payload Development” under the guidance of Dr. Nicole Dufour.
BRITTANY MOTT  (USF)  “Cryogenics and Propulsion branch” under the guidance of Dr. Carlos Estrada.
VRAJEN PATEL  (UCF)  “Development of a prototype algal reactor for removing CO2 from cabin air” under the guidance of Dr. Oscar Monje Mejia.


ALEJANDRA DOMINGUEZ  (FIT)  “KSC Swamp Works” under the guidance of Mr. Robert Mueller.
ANTHONY DEFILLIPO  (Brevard Community College)  “KSC Swamp Works” under the guidance of Mr. Robert Mueller.


2012 KSC Interns

Paige Attaway                  University of Florida

Robert Feldges                 Florida Gulf Coast University

Karl Hewling                      Florida A&M University

Lili Moots                            University of Central Florida

Khadijah Ransom             Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Jasmine Rutledge            Bethune-Cookman University

David Thorpe                    Florida State University

Laura Seward                   University of Central Florida

2011 SAIP Interns

2010 SAIP Interns

2009 SAIP Interns

2008 KSC Interns

2008 Industry Interns

2007 KSC Interns