RE-RASSOR, the Research and Education RASSOR, is part of the Florida Space Institute Robotics Initiative ( and is based upon licensed NASA Mini-RASOSR hardware and the Student developed EZ-RASSOR suite of Open-Source software (  FSI, UCF, USF and FSU/FAMU design teams modified the NASA designs for student use and developed 3D printed substitutions for the higher cost, NASA level, components.  This reduced the per rover cost from ~$15,000 per rover to ~800 for the fully 3D printed excavator and ~$400 for the 4-wheel Cart version.  The RE-RASSOR’ architecture allows the substitution of the commercial parts when desired.


The initial release of RE-RASSOR is a 4-wheel cart.   The NASA Control system was replaced with a Raspberry Pi and the control package for a 3D printer and the NASA Level Drive Gears have been replaced by 3D printed alternatives.  The expected cost to build a RE-RASSOR Cart is under $400.

STL Library, for 3D printing, Library is here (RE-RASSOR 1-0 STLs)

The Bill of Materials (RE-RASSOR 1-0 BoM)

The Body CAD file is located here

The Drive Hub CAD file (4 needed) is located here


The Wheel CAD file (4 needed) is located here

Please note that in order to access the CAD files you will need a Tinkercad account. The links above will take you to the Tinkercad page where you can create an account. The account is free.

The EZ-RASSOR Software REPO is located here

A reduced version of EZ-RASSOR, for the CART configuration, is located TBD 1

Assembly Instructions are located TBD 2