The Florida Space Grant Consortium sponsors the Stardate radio broadcast at 10 radio stations in Brandenton, Dade City, Gainesville, Leesburg, Marianna, Miami, Orlando, Palatka, Panama City, and Tampa. The broadcasts are once daily for 5 days a week. In some cities the broadcasts are daily (every day and every week).

StarDate radio is the longest-running science feature in the country celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1997. StarDate began as a telephone message service and soon went on the air in Austin as a daily radio program, originally titled “Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?” With a new name and a grant from the National Science Foundation, the series began national distribution in 1978. Each month, StarDate offers a balance of astronomy and space-science topics. About half of each month’s programs are related to skywatching: eclipses, meteor showers, planetary conjunctions, stars and constellations, and so on.

Other topics are related to important anniversaries (the birthdays of important astronomers or anniversaries of key scientific discoveries or space-exploration accomplishments); recent discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics, and physics; Earth’s place in the cosmos; and a variety of topics that may be related only peripherally to the core subject of astronomy, but that help place astronomy in a broader historical, scientific, and cultural perspective.

Stardate Affiliates in Florida
City and StateStation/FrequencyAir Time(s)
Dade City, FLWDCF AM 1350Mon – Sun 9:00AM
Gainesville, FLFITMon – Fri 6:29PM
Inverness, FLWJUF FM 90.1Mon – Fri 6:29PM
Key West, FLWKIZ AM 1500Mon – Sun 7:00AM
Mon – Sun 8:00AM
Mon – Sun 9:00AM
Mon – Sun 10:00AM
Mon – Sun 12:00PM
Mon – Sun 2:00PM
Mon – Sun 5:00PM
Mon – Sun 6:00PM
Mon – Sun 9:00PM
Mon – Sun 10:00PM
Leesburg, FLWLBE AM 790Mon – Fri 12:15 PM
Marianna, FLWTYS FM 94.1Mon – Sun 6:30AM
Orlando, FLWMFE FM 90.7Mon – Thu 6:58PM
Fri 7:58PM
Palatka, FLWIYD AM 1260Mon – Sun 10:39AM
Mon – Sun 10:20PM
Mon – Sun 2:40AM
Panama City, FLWKGC FM 90.7Mon – Fri 11:58AM
St Augustine, FLWFCF FM 88.5Mon – Sun 9:00AM
Tampa, FLWHNZ AM 1250Mon – Fri 7:31PM
Sat – Sun 10:00AM