2024-202 5 Student Travel Grants

The NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium will be supporting student travel requests (up to $750 for each project). Please contact jaydeep.mukherjee@ucf.edu, if your request will exceed $750.

Request for funding for student travel should be submitted by a faculty advisor in a Florida university or College, affiliated with FSGC, through that institution’s Sponsored Research Office. Proposals not submitted through the affiliate institution’s Sponsored Research Office will not be accepted. The funds can be utilized only for travel expenses, not for stipends or materials/supplies. Only students who are US citizens are eligible for travel reimbursement through the FSGC travel grant.

Work and/or student involvement in the project should commence only AFTER receipt of signed award documents from Univ. of Central Florida, acting as fiscal agents of NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium.

Travel Grant Requirements

  1. Traveler(s) must be a US citizen and must be identified in the proposal.
  2. Travel cannot be international.
  3. Travel must be for presenting a paper or poster. If neither, please state why the travel is crucial for the traveler.

The request should include:

  1. student travel grant-proposal-cover-page
  2. Name of conference or workshop and location
  3.  Relevance to NASA and connection with one or more NASA’s Mission Directorates.
  4. URL of the meeting/workshop/conference (if known)
  5. Dates of the meeting.
  6. Budget must identify airfare, car rental, hotel costs, meals, registration and any other miscellaneous items like shuttle services, tolls etc.
  7. Indirect cost is limited to 10%.
  8. Matching not required.
  9. Total budget cannot exceed $750

Indirect cost is determined as per Clause 3.4 of the signed Master Agreements between UCF, acting on behalf of FSGC and the awardee institution.  Support for these projects are solely from the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium. The indirect cost rate for FSGC programs is 10%, except for fellowships, scholarships, and internships.

Please email the signed proposal to jaydeep.mukherjee@ucf.edu

Please contact Jaydeep Mukherjee (jaydeep.mukherjee@ucf.edu) if you have any questions.