Please note that the USRP program has been discontinued. Instead we are offering internships at the Kennedy Space Center.

The Undergraduate Space Research Participation Program (USRP) is designed to provide opportunities for students from throughout Florida to become actively involved in ongoing research programs. The program is intended to enhance student interest in graduate study and careers in a wide variety of space-related areas.

Eligible Fields: All projects shall be confined to “space” research broadly defined to include aeronautics and astronautics, remote sensing, atmospheric sciences, and other fundamental sciences and technologies relying on and/or directly impacting space technological resources. Included within this definition are space science, earth observing science, space life sciences, space medicine, space policy, law, and engineering, space facilities and applications, and space education.

Eligible Individuals: For each proposed project the designated PI/mentor shall be a member of the faculty of one of the FSGC-Affiliated Universities or an industrial researcher in Florida. At the time of application, student participants must be enrolled in good standing in a baccalaureate degree program in one of the FSGC-affiliated universities. Students shall normally have junior or senior status during the Summer of primary research activity.