The Florida Space Grant Consortium currently runs several different types of programs. For most of the programs, a faculty from a FSGC affiliated college or university has to submit a proposal requesting funds for projects. For most of the  programs,  the funding is competitive like the fellowship and research program, internships at NASA centers or industry.

  • All request for funds exceeding $2000 require 1:1 matching, except for the fellowship program. This matching must be from non-federal funds and can be either in-kind or cash.
  • Indirect cost will be determined as per Clause 3.4 of the signed Master Agreements between UCF, acting on behalf of FSGC and the awardee institution (other than the indirect costs of 5%, no administrative costs of  SUBCONTRACTOR will be supported by UCF funds). Support for these projects are solely from the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium and Space Florida. Foregone overhead may be used to meet mandatory cost share requirements.
  • Only US citizens are allowed to receive direct support from FSGC. Non-US citizens can be the Principal Investigator for a project but cannot get any direct support from FSGC funds. Direct support includes stipends, salaries and travel funds.

All direct funded participants (students and faculty) and those receiving significant awards (≥160 contact hours and/or ≥$5,000) must be U.S. citizens. 

If you are requesting funds for a program other than the Fellowship Programs, Florida Space Research Program, and Senior Design and NASA Competitions, please submit the following cover page along with your proposal

unsolicited proposal cover page


2019 Deadlines for various Programs


  1. Florida Space Research Program – April 1, 2019

  2. 2019 FSGC/SF-KSC Technology Development Program  – April 1, 2019

  3. Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Fellowships – April 1, 2019

  4. Masters Fellowship Program – April 1, 2019

  5. Hybrid Rocket Competition – September 2019 (Actual date to be decided at the end of summer of 2019)

  6. Blue Origin Payload – TBD

  7. Senior Design and NASA Competitions – All year around


FSGC Fellowships

FSGC’s Fellowship Program is open only to graduate students enrolled for a Master’s or Ph.D program in a Florida university or college. The purpose of the fellowship program is to provide a prestigious instrument to reward and attract the best and brightest. The fellows have to be a US citizen. Permanent residents are not eligible.

Higher Education

FSGC Higher Education

The purpose of our Higher Education programs is to provide opportunities for undergraduate students from throughout Florida to become actively involved in ongoing research programs.

FSGC Research Programs

FSGC Research Programs

The Florida Space Grant Consortium has a long history of supporting  scientific research. With the sponsorship of Space Florida (present) and the Florida Space Research Institute (in the past), we have funded projects from across the entire space spectrum and we continue to diversify each and every year. These research endeavors combine the efforts of professors, students, and researchers in projects of true intellectual merit. Learn more about the research we have supported, view successful proposals, and even apply for the funding of your own research.

FSGC and Space Florida are sponsoring 2 research programs. The first one is the Florida Space Research Program and the other is the FSGC/SF-KSC Technology and Commercialization Development Program.

Click on the links to get information and instructions to submit proposals.

1. 2019 Florida Space Research Program  (Proposals due: April 1, 2019)

2. 2019 FSGC/SF-KSC Technology Development Program    (Proposals due: April 1, 2019)

Pre-college Activities

FSGC Pre-College Activities

The Florida Space Grant Consortium currently runs several different types of programs.

Informal Education

FSGC Informal Education

FSGC conducts a number of public outreach programs. Please go to our public outreach page for a description of the programs.

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