2013 Fellows


2013 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 1 of 3)
Name University Project Title
Tracy Becker University of Central Florida

Characterizing the Size Distribution and Vertical Displacement of Particles in Saturn’s Rings

2013 Masters Fellowships (Year 1 of 2)
Name University Project Title
Larissa Fereria Florida State University lMitigation of [Uplift] Pressure on Roof Systems for Low-Rise Residential Structures Using
Passive Mechanisms Inspired Through Biomimicry
Chelsea Irwigl Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Effect of Team Gender Composition on Collective Task Performance

2013 Doctoral Fellowships (Year 3 of 3)
Name University Project Title
Dolores Jane Forbes Florida Atlantic University Harmful Algal Bloom Probabilities in South Florida – A Spatial Systems Approach
Krista Romita University of Florida Investigate the distribution and properties of embedded clusters in the Carina Arm of the Milky Way and in the Large Magellanic Cloud


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