2024-25 FSGC/SF- KSC Technology Development Program

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) researchers develop many new technologies and make many scientific breakthroughs on a regular basis. While all are developed for NASA’s space exploration mission, some also have the potential to provide benefit here on Earth in commercial applications. As a result, the KSC Technology Transfer Office (TTO) patents these technologies and makes them available to the private sector for commercialization.

However, many of these technologies require a significant amount of further development and testing before they can be used in any application, whether it is a NASA space application or a commercial application. As a result, KSC has once again teamed with FSGC and Space Florida to provide Florida universities with a competitive opportunity to conduct the needed development and testing of select KSC technologies.

This year’s FSGC-Space Florida-KSC Technology Development and Commercialization Program RFP have topic areas for two KSC patented technologies that fit these criteria. We are now seeking proposals to conduct needed development and testing of these technologies. We are now seeking proposals to conduct testing as described in the topic areas.

The RFP contains all publicly available information and references to available patent information for these technologies. Additional information will be provided under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with KSC.

The 2 topics are

(i) Capacitive Micro-Gravity Fluid Mass Gauge


(ii) Self-Cleaning Coatings for Space or Earth

The eligibility for these grants are as follows:

Grants are intended for faculty researchers from FSGC affiliated universities and colleges. Proposals from non-affiliated Florida universities, colleges, community colleges, and industry will be viewed more favorably if the project involves collaborations with FSGC affiliates. Other non-academic organizations are also eligible to receive grant awards, especially if their proposed projects include involvement with FSGC affiliates.

Notice of Intent by March 15, 2024
Deadline: Proposals due by April 15, 2024
Notification of Award – Not before June 30, 2024

Announcement of Opportunity

2024 FSGC KSC Technology Development Program RFP (Pdf 1568 Kb)

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