The programs under the Student Program Category targets undergraduate students and their direct participation in space related projects. FSGC provides stipends to undergraduate students for participating in internships at NASA centers during the Summer through the OSSI website

FSGC also provides funding for senior design projects, teams participating in NASA competitions, support to student club projects and travel grants to students presenting a poster or paper in a conference/workshop. FSGC also holds a 4 day Academy for freshman and sophomores (free of cost except travel to the KSC Visitor Complex) at the KSC Visitor Complex to build and launch a payload on a weather balloon .

Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  1. NASA Internships (US Citizens only)
  2. Affiliate Scholarships (US Citizens only)
  3. Travel Grants (US Citizens only)
  4. Hybrid Rocket Competition (2021-22 competition cancelled – teams interested in funding for rocketry projects at their university/college, please email
  5. Student Club Projects
  6. Senior Design Projects at Universities
  7. Senior Design Projects at Kennedy Space Center (US Citizens only)
  8. NASA Competitions
  9. Space Trek Academy
  10. Weather Ballooning workshop for South Florida universities
  11. Statewide Ballooning Program and Scholarships for community college and 4-yr college students (US Citizens only)