Letter of Intent 


Progress Report (evaluation criteria and report guidelines will be posted)


Detailed Design Report (evaluation criteria and report guidelines will be posted)



Workshop & Award (presentation evaluation criteria will be posted)

May 3, 2019 (tentative) 



A non-binding Letter of Intent to propose must delivered to us by 5:00 PM (Eastern Time), Monday, September 17, 2018. Any legible submission from the teams faculty advisor, including by e-mail (to, is acceptable so long as it contains the name and mailing address of the academic institution(s) and department(s) involved; name, cell phone number and e-mail address of the Team Leader (must be a student); name, title, telephone number and e-mail address of Supervising Faculty Member.



During the conceptual design phase, which will occur during the Fall 2018 Semester, contestants will be asked to produce design documents. The Progress Report is an end-of-semester report that provides all necessary information for a satellite design satellite. Each team will make a design consideration for selection of subsystem(s) that they will do in a detailed manner. This design report should include a maximum of 30 pages of single-spaced text excluding datasheets and supporting materials. It will also include all trade studies, detailed designs of selected subsystem, diagrams, tables, integration tables, final mass, power, size, and cost estimates, power, operational constraints, conceptual system, and program outlines developed by the team. Each team will send a digital copy of its report to the email address, Each team that fulfills these requirements will be awarded $500. These funds should be used to defray the cost of travelling to the workshop. The funds will be awarded to the faculty advisor and the funds cannot be used for student support

Download the progress report guidelines


(will be updated)



The detailed design phase will take place during the Spring 2019 Semester. During this phase, all participating teams will further develop the design of their satellite and address any issues raised in the review of the Progress Report. The final report for this competition, the Detailed Design Report (DDR), is tentatively set to be due on Monday, April 22, 2019. Its length and content requirements are similar to those of the Progress Report, but new emphasis on problems found with the conceptual design, budget, and flight model development plan. As with the previous report, the DDR should be sent to

Download the detailed design guidelines


(will be updated soon)

Three finalists will be chosen to make presentations at the FUNSAT workshop .


All teams are required to present at the Workshop on May 3 , 2019 at the Space Life Sciences Lab, Exploration Park, adjacent to Kennedy Space Center. This is a tentative date and location. The detailed format of the presentation will be posted. 

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