Technical Resources (older version)

Technical CD Overview and Download (This webpage will be updated by the end of September 2018)

Team FUNSAT has compiled and organized a vast information database. This CD has a vast amount of information concerning both CubeSat designs and small satellite technology. In addition the Technical CD contains detailed information about all areas of the competition.  Following is the overview of the technical CD.

The new Technical CD can be downloaded from the following link:


First of all let us, Team FUNSAT, welcome you to the second biennial Florida University Satellite (FUNSAT) Design Competition.

This data CD is complied mostly with information directly from the source, the individuals who built satellites. On occasion we will interject certain details and advances of note, but by in large we will allow your design team to use this database as a starting point for your research. This is how the CD is organized:

  • ·FUNSAT Rules

1.Evaluation: How the panel will judge your design and on what criteria their decision will be based.

2.CubeSat Req: Summary of the necessary design restraints with files that will explain more.


  • ·CubeSat Examples

1.CubeSat Designs:This is where all the documents from the launches of CubeSats have been compiled. We have included “Readme” files as to the location of certain documents. Most are organized by subsystem to ease referencing.

2.Past FUNSAT Competitions:The detailed designs from the 1st – 4th Annual FUNSAT competitions.


  • ·Database

1.Reference Documents:In this folder there are a large variety of research papers and design reviews that have been compiled and organized for this competition. For the most part there is no overlap between this folder and the others. The technologies and ideas have been deemed applicable to the CubeSat so reference with this in mind. Check the “Readme” file located in this folder for a more detailed description of the files inside.

2.Useful Links


  • ·CubeSat COTS

1.Information from vendors about off the shelf CubeSat components.


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