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Pre-College Activities

Lunar Rover Competition

2019 A Rover Odyssey

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon



In Partnership with Atlantis Education Services, the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium is hosting a lunar rover competition for middle school children through public libraries in Florida

Download a Mission Plan for the Competition

Download the Competition Flyer

Video of students controlling the rover on the simulated lunar surface





Press Kits

NASA Apollo 11 Press Kit

NASA Apollo 11 Press Kit – Restored in 2010

Apollo11 Press Kits Directory – 42 Press Kits


Apollo by the Numbers

Flight Plan

Apollo 11 Flight Plan –Final – Reformat

History etc

NASA Resources for Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

Poster – How Our Moon Formed

Apollo Landing Sites

Apollo 11 Activity on the moon

Press Kits, Flight Journals, etc.

Over 15000 Apollo Pictures at 1800 dpi

People Involved

Guenter Wendt – Pad Leader for Apollo 11


On the way to the surface of the moon

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