FSGC Masters Fellowship Program

2020-21 FSGC Masters Fellowship Program

The FSGC Masters  Fellowship Program provides a prestigious instrument to reward and attract the best and the brightest US citizens to space‑related careers.  The program is also designed to enhance cooperation among FSGC-affiliated university faculty and peers in industry, government and private laboratories. Accordingly, each Fellow will receive an Academic Year 2020-21 fellowship stipend of $10,000 for full-time masters students. The award cannot be renewed.

The award shall be for a period of one year for masters students (subject to availability of funds).  A student may be nominated for a fellowship funded partially by the university and partially by NASA, or totally by NASA. The  specifics of such potential shared funding must be set forth in detail in the budget request.  The support from the university must be in cash, it can derive from any source (including research but not teaching assistantships), and it must be guaranteed by the university conditioned on satisfactory performance by the Fellow.

The university may, at its discretion, waive all or part of the tuition.  The cash value of waived tuition shall be stated in the budget. Full tuition waiver is strongly encouraged.  During the academic year the fellow may accept no employment other than that stated in the above paragraph and shall be engaged in full time study. Any participant receiving support under the fellowship program may not concurrently hold another Federal fellowship or traineeship. 

  • Notice of intent (not binding): Email the title of the research and abstract (250 words) to  fsgc@ucf.edu by April 24, 2020.
  • Electronic submission of Proposals due by May 22, 2020
  • Anticipated award announcement: July 17, 2020 (subject to availability of 2020 NASA funds)
1 ANOUNCEMENT OF OPPORTUNITY Learn about the program, its eligibility requirements, how to apply and reporting requirements.
(Adobe PDF Format and Word Document)
2 RESEARCH OPPORTUNITITES Find the best matching research opportunity at various NASA centers  
3 ONLINE APPLICATION Read detailed instructions to register and successfully complete your online application.


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