The Florida Space Grant Consortium understands the importance of planting the seeds of scientific inquiry into the minds of our youth. Every child is a natural born scientist but too often this inherent curiosity is crushed by the negative influences of society. Our ultimate goal, and mission, is to re-establish this sense of wonder about the natural world amongst our children. Here you will find a full list and description of all of our pre-college activity programs. We are always open to suggestions from the public on how we can improve so feel free to contact us with your recommendations.

Present Programs

This project provides one eight-hour professional development workshops for middle school teachers and pre-service teachers; curriculum for classroom instruction; and student engagement challenges for the students of the teachers attending the workshops to demonstrate their new knowledge and excitement for space exploration by conducting a simulated NASA space mission or other hands-on minds-on STEM activities. Teachers utilized skills, lessons and curriculum from the workshops to train and prepare up to thirty (30) of their students to attend hands-on, critical thinking activities at the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee.

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